Winter Trophy Bird Hunting


Price:   please contact us for prices
5 hunting days
2-4 persons per week
November 16th - January 31st

full board in double rooms with 3 meals per day
1 Capercaillie, 1 Black grouse
shower and wc
guiding 2:1 (2 hunters per guide)
governments hunting card
hunting licences
loan of weapon and ammunition
transports during the hunt
preparation of the trophies
certificate of a legal hunt in Sweden
loan of skis and camouflage clothes
possibility to use wood-heated sauna by the lake

1 willow grouse and 1 arctic hare

Not included:
hunting, health and travel insurances
     alcoholic beverages
                   non-hunting extra guests

extra hunting day
    guiding 1:1
               single room
               2nd Capercaillie
               2nd Black grouse

Equipment list:
Warm and comfortable outdoor clothes for temperatures down to -20 degrees C, warm boots adjusted for skis, warm gloves and cap, thermos, binoculars.

Hunting Capercaillie and Black grouse

When the winter comes to Lapland it is time for the year´s most exciting hunt. On skis we set out searching for Capercaillie and Black grouse. At this time the birds have their winter coats which make first-class trophies. It is a real challenge to ski quietly through the grounds searching for shooting opportunities. Along with the hunt for the perfect trophy gives beautiful scenery an overall experience that is difficult to surpass. To many hunters this is the ultimate hunt!

During the days we cover as large areas as possible looking for the birds. 150 meters is a normal distance for shooting which put high demands on our weapons and ammunition. During December the Capercaillie and the Black grouse cluster to go to their feeding grounds. 30-50 Black grouses together is not an unusual sight. Capercaillies can be seen in clusters of 2-5. In good years you might see more.







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